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From there you simply click the conversion button. A preview screen shows what the finished document will look like. The document automatically opens once it's converted. We were impressed by how quickly and simply this entire process happened. We skipped VideoMate's manual and went straight to the setup module, which prompts you for basic information about your store. The setup module has a vast array of options for establishing your store's pricing structure. Entering data is easy, a boon for a program designed to manage large amounts of information. The customer database has a number of useful fields in addition to name and address. You can specify the customer's date of birth, store credit card numbers, indicate any late fees, and add additional family members and their dates of birth to the account. We were impressed with the versatility of the video database as well. You can enter the title of the movie, select its genre from the list provided, indicate its MPAA rating, and designate the format of the movie: video, DVD, or Blu-ray. John Kiefer Carb Backloading even gives you the option to distribute and receive gift cards as well as selling merchandise. The program's interface is self explanatory and easy to navigate, but there's a Help file available for those who need it. For people who just want to make a calendar quickly and aren't interested in customizing the look or using personal photos, the built-in themes offer something for most interests and tastes. There's a Pets theme that features photos of dogs and cats, and themes such as "Flowers and Plants" and "Nature Scenes." Most importantly, EZ John Kiefer Carb Backloading offers the capability to enter and mark significant dates and special occasions. You can use it to create a calendar with all of the birthdays and anniversaries you need to remember, or create customized calendars for different needs or people. There's even clip art for different types of occasions, such as party hats and hearts, which you can use to mark special dates. Once you've created your calendar, you can print it or save it as a JPEG. The program's interface is intuitive to operate, thanks to its sleek color scheme and organization, and looks like it was designed by a high-dollar programmer. We never needed the Help file since things felt so intuitive. John Kiefer Carb Backloading One essentially functions as a search engine that sucks up all free instances of music and video on the Web. Typing in an artist's name or song title showed each result and its source, which were mostly John Kiefer Carb Backloading and MySpace. Saving them as WMVs or MP3s took a little longer than we liked but resulted in high-quality files. However, it's surprising that you can't download entire movies as the product description indicates. One positive surprise was the program's built-in conversion feature, which takes any video or music in your collection and converts its file type effortlessly. Overall, this was a great way to find free music, but not helpful for tracking down free movies. The program's interface is easy to navigate, thanks to an open layout and simple command icons. We felt in control the entire time and never needed to consult the Help file for instructions. We were able to easily pull songs from our personal collection and choose the ones that needed to be converted. The program clearly listed the file conversion types available, including the most common ones like WAV, MP3, and MP4, and many uncommon ones. The conversion only took a matter of seconds and produced an exact copy of the song we chose, but in its new format. In addition, we could perform bulk conversions to save ourselves the time and effort of handling each song individually. The program provided some nice features, including a push-button CD Ripping option and a music player embedded within the interface. We've tested many audio file converters, and this is by far one of the simplest to operate. There are so many note-writing and -keeping programs out there that you practically need one of them just to make sense of them all. Some of them stand apart by offering something extra, or, in the case of King Stair Software's Jot+ Notes, a lot extra. It's a note/cardfile program that will rid your work space of paper clutter, but you can also add subnotes to your notes, subnotes to those subnotes, and so on, until you have built up an outline of notes that you can use for organizing your material or even as the basis of a writing project, which you can also store and manage in Jot+ Notes. There's a password-protected diary/journal feature, too, and an Address book with Autodial. An Internet Links/Bookmarks feature makes it easy to import and export bookmarks between various browsers and other programs. It will handle a range of plug-ins, too, expanding the program's capabilities without bloat. 7Cove DemoRec is a new, powerful, advanced screen recording system designed to be user-friendly and simple-to-use. DemoRec allows you to create videos to demonstrate features of your own software. Tutorials can teach users how to use the program's features in no time at all. With DemoRec, you can record other video formats (such as a real media file) into the standard AVI format movie file, by choosing video codec and quality settings. DemoRec is also very useful for recording video from your favorite computer games. You can then send these videos to your friends to show them the most interesting moments of the game. DemoRec can capture anything you see on the computer screen, including the entire desktop, windows, mouse cursor movement, menus selection, pressing of buttons, text input, and message windows. Recorded content can be saved to standard AVI video files or as a sequence of BMP files. Bytescout Watermarking is an effective wizard-based images (JPEG, PNG, GIF, TIF) watermarking software. Protect your images within a seconds with elegant text or image watermark label. * Easy-to-use interface; * Built-in set of ready-to-use watermark types with text and logo images support (annotation, text, text fits page, tiled text, vertical text, diagonal text, transparent logo image, logo image with text, DateTime, FileName stamps); * Ready to use "rubber" stamps: do not copy, protected, private and other with Stamp watermark type; * live preview for watermarks; * ability to dynamically resize text according to the source input picture size; * Ability to preserve original images file format or convert to another (JPG, TIFF, PNG, TIFF); * Integrates with Windows John Kiefer Carb Backloading so just select image and right-click to add protection to the image(s) or use Send To menu to send images to Watermarking The program's interface is quite user-friendly, with the add-on appearing as a small Pac-Man-style ghost in Firefox's status tray. When Ghostery detects information-gathering scripts on a Web page, a link appears that shows the number of trackers found. John Kiefer Carb Backloadingking on this link provides the name of each tracker and links to Web pages with more information about the companies in question, including descriptions and popularity rankings. Ghostery can also optionally show an alert bubble in the upper right corner of a Web page that lists the trackers that have been found. The program's interface makes it easy to block each individual tracker if desired, ensuring that information about your Internet usage isn't going to anyone you don't trust. Overall, we found Ghostery to be both unobtrusive and quite informative, and we recommend it to those who are concerned about keeping their Web surfing private. The program's interface isn't anything revolutionary, though its primitive graphics fit the simplicity of the game. While its layout was acceptable, we were disappointed that we needed to consult the brief tutorial in the Help file to learn what combination of keys and mouse clicks were needed to play. We picked it up quickly, though, and within minutes we were virtually shaking our dice and attempting to put together pairs, straights, full houses, and this program's John Kiefer Carb Backloading equivalent, the Yap Yamb. The dice displayed well, and our scorecard was easily accessible. Our computer opponent was intelligent and knew how to best pair up the dice for maximum points, which made for a good challenge. The program offered few special features, but its option for playing up to five players added a layer of complexity. While it didn't blow us away with its layout, its play was fun, smooth, and challenging. The program's interface is fairly intuitive, although the Options menu, where the graph configuration takes place, is a bit confusing at first glance. The built-in Help file is brief but adequate. The program's sample data gives an immediate look at what's in store, and we quickly regretted eating dinner immediately before trying it out. The 3D graph looks cool and plays intense, trance-like music, but it also rotates. Quickly. Way too quickly to be of any use, other than as an emetic. Fortunately, you can adjust the speed of the rotation or turn it off entirely, which makes things much easier to look at. We also like the capability to import data to create graphs. While the program is easy to use, overall it feels rather gimmicky. The graphs may look cool, but they're distracting and hard to understand. It probably wouldn't be our first choice for presenting data in the best possible light. The distinction between home and work computers is getting blurrier than ever, thanks to trends like flexible hours and telecommuting. Keeping critical business contacts and other data manually synchronized between two or more computers is a challenge under the best conditions, and it's all too easy to let things slide. A number of handy tools can do that tedious job for you and never miss an update. Wisco's SynchPst is just such a utility. It synchronizes personal folders in Microsoft Outlook, which use the .pst file format. You can select single or multiple folders or subfolders to synchronize, or update all of Outlook's items at once, even things like notes and distribution lists. It restores deleted files by copying entire folders if the selected target folder is missing. The program boasts a sophisticated algorithm that analyzes source and target folders and updates them appropriately. Time saving drawing features such as automated soft shadows, bevels, contours and feathering make this a supremely easy to use and productive illustration tool. The integrated photo editor offers ultra fast photo handling and small file sizes, together with comprehensive photo tools including auto-enhance, photo panoramas, content aware scaling, and advanced cloning, masking and erase tools. For page design work the text and page layout options are comprehensive, including multi-column and multi-page support, automatic text flow around objects, spell check, support for indents, bullet lists and more.


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